Members of Parliament on Wednesday decried the sorry state of facilities and services at Parliament buildings.

During a debate to approve names of members of the committee on services and facilities, the MPs lamented lack of tissue papers and in Parliament washrooms and badly cooked food at the canteen among other issues.

National Assembly Minority Leader John Mbadi explained the ‘hardship’ the MPs were going through at the lavatories.

“You cannot tell me that a parliament where legislators of a country stay you cannot have toilet paper that at one point you go to the washroom and there are no toilet papers,” Mbadi said.

“In fact at Continental house you have to be very careful you have to check whether the taps are running because you may mess yourself…before you take any action you must find out whether there’s running water coz otherwise if you come to some civilization you really need that water after passing through some activity,” Mbadi added.

The Minority leader also complained of poor quality of food at the Parliament cafe, despite being charged heavily. A buffet at Parliament main canteen goes for Sh590.

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