At the dawn of democracy, National Anthem Composer’s family thought was time for their emancipation, the time to reconsider where an agreement went wrong, the time for real reward, the time for their due royalty but now it’s over 20  years nothing beyond the realm of such possibilities . The parliamentarian of Balaka North, Lucius Banda where the family hails believes is studiously done through a tendency of appointing wrong ministers in the ministry of Culture.

Speaking in an interview, Banda said ministry of culture always ends up in hands of ministers who do not scavenge through culture, so that they usually look the efforts of legends such as Michael Paul Sauka.

“It pains me to see many magisterial positions in the government especially Ministry of culture in the hands of wrong people, how you expect a person without a passion to govern well?

“It’s not only Paul Sauka, other greats have also gone unrecognised over ages,” Banda said.

Though Sauka’s issue is yet to clock 25 years in democracy all past government except that of Bakili Muluzi considered it to be trivial. Banda said it is because some intertwined politicians (politicians who are of one party system but are in democracy) believe a song was done on competition basis, the reward was given and done.

“As far back I remember, first time I presented this issue in parliament after the family approached me, I was advised by a minister of culture then to check what an agreement was.  I found out that the song was done on competition basis, and I guess that was main reason the issue was not supported. And I don’t think if I will represent it again this government can do something because they are same people,” Banda added.

Banda also compared National Anthem song to his yero yero song which was sold to United Democratic Front (UDF), saying if one sells something is no longer of his/her possession.

“You remember the song I sold to UDF, even that song could make them a lot of money that couldn’t be my concern, so if you sell a song to others to use it, is no longer yours,” Banda explained.

But Banda also agreed National Anthem is more important than just a song and believes perhaps an agreement was unfair that is why family stood up to complain at the dawn of democracy. And he then faulted ministry of culture for not recognizing the greats and supported their families who contributed much to this nation.

The words of Parliamentarian only made sense when current Minister of Civic Education and culture Grace Chiumia was interviewed on the matter. She stunted any progressive on topic with a lot of lame excuses, an indication that she has no clear directives.

Some of Micheal Sauka’s Family

The composer of Malawi National Anthem Michael Paul Sauka died August 18, 1990 and born 1934, the Anthem which he composed the government is still using but his families are rotten in poverty.

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