The government of Tanzania has banned 13 local songs on grounds that they are against the country’s norms and values.

Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) announced the ban on Wednesday after receiving a list of the songs from the National Arts Council of Tanzania (Basata).

“The said records have lyrics which violate ethics of regulations of broadcasting services (Content) 2005,” TCRA said in a statement to media.

Dimaond Platnumz

Among those prohibited are Hallelujah and Waka Waka by Tanzanian pop star Diamond Platnumz.

The ban comes after President John Magufuli last December complained about obscene music videos.

President Magufuli, who enjoyed wild popularity on assuming office in 2015, has come under sharp criticism over some of his policies and clampdown on opposition.

Some of the decisions that have attracted public wrath include his declaration that young girls who become pregnant while in school should not be allowed to finish their studies after giving birth.

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