Police in Chikwawa are looking for any information that can lead to arrest of criminals behind the brutal murder of a 56-year-old woman who was removed off her private body parts in presence of her two under aged children.

Police have identified the deceased as Ethel Lupiya who was murdered on Thursday at Zing’ando village, T/A Makhwira in Chikwawa.

Reports during the wee hours of Thursday, Unknown criminals went into the victim’s house through a window where they found the now deceased woman and her two sons aged 7 and 10 sleeping.

They descended on the mother and stabbed her on the forehead and also on the abdomen twice and went on to remove her private parts.

At that time, her two sons had woken up hence the criminals turned to them and assaulted them by smashing their heads to the floor.

One of them was left unconscious while another one cried for help which awakened neighbors but unfortunately the mother had already breathed her last when people got to the scene.

The two kids were rushed to Mankhwira Health Centre where they are said to be receiving treatment.

An autopsy done on the woman showed that the death was due to severe blood loss.

Meanwhile, police have launched an investigation to apprehend the suspects

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