Malawian upcoming secular reggae artist Jotex Jolly Chalo who is currently in South Africa has released three songs in readiness for the launch of his debut album titled ‘Chuma ndi mame’ slatted for July this year.

The three songs namely ‘Chuma ndi mame‘, ‘Seka Nkudyere‘ and ‘Menyeleni Nkhondo Mulungo‘ have been released this week through, a popularly website which is there to promote local talents.

The songs have been released with an aim of promoting the album which is ready now but will hit the market late this year.

The three songs are based on true life stories. For instance ‘Seka Nkudyera’, in this song the artist highlights the challenges he passed through then after lending a friend R25000 which is equivalent to MK1.3 million.

According to the song, the business did not end well as his friend refused to pay back the said cash.

By just listening to the message in the song one will appreciate the talent that upcoming stars like Jolly Chalo have when it comes to composing songs.

Speaking in an interview with faceofmalawi reporter, Chalo said his life is a testimony.

“l was born in a poor family of five and it was a challenge for my parents to provide us with basic needs such as food and shelter. We used to do some piece work to earn a living and sometimes we could be assisted by rich people.

“This forced me to leave my home village which is Embangweni in Mzimba for South Africa,” said Chalo in WhatsApp interview.

He added that his life now is no longer the same.

Chalo urged Malawians especially the youths who are currently struggling to earn a living to trust in the living God and that one day he will answer their prayers.

Chalo started singing at church choir in 2006 and in 2018 it’s when he thought of coming up with a 10 track album as a solo secular artist.

Currently Chalo is working on the DVD which will also be released during the launch in July.

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