A 22-year-old Mozambican national has been arrested In Mangochi for robbing a Malawian businessman who was traveling to Mozambique.

the suspect

Mangochi police deputy public relations officer Sergeant Amina Daudi has identified the culprit as Tiger Umali and the victim as 38-year-old Silaji Kassim.

According to Daudi, the victim told police officers that on the morning of 24 March, he was on his way to Mozambique on a motorcycle registration number CMVN279-17 when he encountered three thugs who barricaded the road.

“As he slowed down, one of the criminals produced a panga knife and aimed at his head which by good luck did not go through the helmet. The victim lost control of the motorcycle and fell down while shouting for help. This did not scare the assailants who committed to drag him into a nearby bush where they assaulted him before splitting, “said Daudi.

Umali was caught by community members as he was trying to run away with the motorcycle while his two friends made it out.

The Malawian businessman was taken to Katuli health centre and was treated as an outpatient.

Meanwhile the suspect has been charged with Robbery with violence and will appear before court.

Police have launched an investigation to apprehend the other culprits.

Umali hails from Lichinga district in Mozambique.

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