This is the shocking moment an angry father straps his daughter to the back of a motorcycle and drives her to school through streets of southeast China.

The reluctant girl can be heard crying while having her body tied to the seat and leaving her legs hanging dangerously as the father drives.

The video was shared online as web users blamed the father for the potential danger posed to the girl. Local police found the father and gave him a verbal warning.

The incident took place on the street of Yunfu, Guangdong Province on April 23.

Mobile phone footage captures a man dangerously driving a young girl on a motorbike through on a busy street.

The unnamed girl has her back tied to the back seat of the bike and has her feet hanging in mid-air.

The video was uploaded online and caught web user’s attention to the potential danger posed to the girl.

Yunfu Police reviewed the video and found the motorcyclist, stated Beijing News.

It is confirmed that the man and the girl are of father-daughter relationship.

The unnamed father explained that he had to drag his daughter to school by force. He got angry and decided to strap her on the motorbike and drove her to school.

Yunfu policeman gave the father a verbal warning and reminded him that such act could cause injuries to the girl easily.

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