Zodwa Wabantu says people that have buried her alive through hoax death reports have resorted to that because they feel her powerful presence and can’t handle it.

Zodwa took to instagram to tell her fans that she’s alive and kicking. She told TshisaLIVE that she’s been getting calls from different people asking her about rumours that she had passed away and wants to set the record straight.

“I don’t understand people that want to joke about death. I mean, even at a time like this, where we are actually mourning the celebs who have died. It’s stupid and I think it’s just their last resort because they can see that I am here to stay.”

In a video posted on her Instagram, she said she considered herself a “die hard”.

“Guys I’m not dead. What could possibly kill me? People like me just don’t die. I’m not dead. How many times must you call me to say Zodwa is dead? People like me, they don’t die, they don’t just die.

Zodwa also explained that after having failed to bury her with negative comments, cyber bullying and slander, she feels her haters, out of jealousy and helplessness, have resorted to “killing” her.

She added that being killed in the media and on social media was something she’d seen with the likes of DJ Sbu and Trevor Noah. The entertainer said when looking for similarities, she saw that it was a matter of hustle and success.

Source: Times Live

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