A 39-year-old Zambian man has allegedly been killed over a university student lover.

According to Zambian observer, the body of the deceased who was identified as Gilbert Soko was taken to mortuary in the early hours of today, Thursday May 3 2018.

the female university student

Reports say that the deceased went to visit his lover, Faith Mainza a student at Apex University for a sleep over at a boarding house near the institution.

While there, another man from an area called Lilayi decided to pay Faith a surprise visit but he found Gilbert and Faith in bed.

An eye witness told Zambian Observer that, “Faith has been dating two men without each one of them knowing they are being cheated on. The man who was hit with a stone (Gilbert) comes from Chilenje while the other man is from Lilayi. The Lilayi man paid a surprise visit to his lover around 23hrs so i hear he found that his lover was hosting another man and where in bed.

“The quarrel was big and lasted for hours. At first it’s like they resolved to end the dispute outside the boarding house because there was lots of noise after the whole thing happened. I think Faith was gone for hours, we only saw the police around 5 a.m. who came and picked up the deceased’ body, “the eye witness told Zambian Observer.

The eye witness says from her investigation of the matter, a Lilayi man hit Gilbert with a stone in the head as the two men fought for the girl.

“There is some construction work that is taking place along the road of Apex University so the other man withdrew a stone from that site and used it to hit Gilbert in the head,” the eye witness added.

It is reported that the university has continued to make headlines for wrong doings as two days ago, another nurse student confessed to have stolen some sleep inducing pills from a hospital he was referred for practical and then used the pills to drug some unknown girls whom together with his friends raped.

In the previous exam, the university had 90% failure rate, a development the school says is attributed to the bad behavior of its students.

The university is surrounded by brothels which student use as residence for easy access to men or women, all for sex.



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