Expressing your love for your partner is an important part of a relationship and I’ve seen many instances where many people don’t know how to express their love or don’t really understand the signs their partner is letting out.

It’s important to know the love signs in your relationship and how to express your love to your partner as a lack of this can gradually make even a good relationship suffer.

Below are common ways people express their love:


This is a common way of expressing love for someone, and it’s one that cannot be taken for granted even though it’s been bastardised by people who don’t even mean it. Some people even see no reason to express their love for their partner in words, but this form of expression of love cannot be pushed aside.


Reaffirmation of words is another way some people express their love. Merely saying words like ‘you know I love you right?’ ‘you mean so much to me’ and other related words go on to reaffirm the words ‘I love you’.


The way you feel about someone can also be expressed through the pet names you call that person. Calling your partner sweet romantic names is a common way people show their partner how much they mean to them. If you notice, when the grudges start to compound in a relationship, the sweet and romantic names stops gradually.


Touch is also another common way people express love. Whether it’s by just holding the hands of your partner or a simple leaning on the shoulder of a partner, touch go on to say so much even without the use of words. Various PDA are simply as a result of love and affection.


Attention might be easy to give, but it cannot be given to someone you truly don’t care about. Attention might seem cheap, but it’s actually very expensive. Spending quality time with someone and sincerely listening to them are common ways of showing love, but they are truly expensive.


Gifts also go on to express love, even though people use gifts as a means of luring someone to them. Love is shown and expressed through gifts. Most people won’t give gifts to someone who don’t mean so much to them; this goes on to show the affection that exists behind gifting a partner.

It’s important to know the love signals that your partner lets out and it’s even more important to show your partner how much you truly love them.

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