A 50-year-old South African father has been dragged to court for an offence of killing his own son outside a school in Johannesburg

the accused father

Emanuel Tshabalala was arrested on Wednesday morning following the shooting of Luyanda Themba Tshabalala, 16 outside the Fred Norman school and he has since been granted bail to attend his son’s burial before the court proceedings.

According to South African online media reports, the man had dropped his son off for night classes at the school. As he waited for his son, he fell asleep and was awakened by the sound of knocking coming from the passenger window. Believing he was being hijacked, he pulled out his firearm and shot in the direction of the knocking, killing the teenager.

the 16 year old victim

The teenager’s stepmother told media sources that her husband discharged his firearm in self-defence. She also revealed that Luyanda had called his father three times before he was shot and killed.

The accused appeared in court yesterday on Thursday dressed in jean trouser and a blue hoodie where he applied a bail to bury his son.


The state did not oppose bail and the court, taking into account the fact that he handed himself over and had cooperated fully with the police, according to SundayTimes.

Magistrate Maggie van der Merwe said: “I can only describe this incident as a tragedy.”

The accused told the court that after firing the weapon, Luyanda said “Daddy, it’s me”.

He then got off the car and rushed his son to a hospital for medical help.

The accused was employed as a security officer at the vehicle unit of the South African Police Services in Krugersdorp.



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