History has been made in the world as US president Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un have  met for the first ever in an isolated hotel on sentosa island In Singapore.

President Trump and Jim Jong Un is expected to sign an agreement to acknowledge the progress of the talks and pledge to keep momentum going, US official told CNN.

The official said he would not get ahead of the president on hard specifics of any agreement.

Trump surprised reporters by announcing there would be “a signing” in the afternoon during a stroll around the Capella Hotel with Kim.

No official events had been planned until Trump’s meeting with the press at 4 pm local time.

President Trump just told reporters that he and Kim Jong Un were off to “a signing” after their working lunch.

Trump made the remark during a brief stroll around the Capella Hotel with Kim. The president also said the talks had gone “better than anybody could have expected.”

There is no information on what they could be signing or whether any agreements have been reached.

A the extended bilateral meeting earlier Tuesday, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un said he believed sitting down with President Trump is “a great prelude to peace.”

Trump agreed, saying, “I do too.”

Kim continued, “As I said earlier, until now, others have been unable to attempt. Of course there will be difficulties along the way, but as of today, a day that a good start has been made, I am determined to start a grand undertaking together.”


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