Police in Zimbabwe have arrested a 22-year-old man after he allegedly struck his father’s girlfriend with a log upon discovering that the two were in a relationship.

According to reports, the suspect Guarantee Gopito committed the offence on Saturday in Kwinima village in Mashonaland East Provincial.

The provincial’s police spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza said the accused will appear in court for murdering Doreen Kwindima.

“I confirm the arrest of a man who allegedly killed his father’s lover. It is sad to report that this man failed to tame his emotions to an extent of ending someone’s life. People must refrain from using violence to solve their problems. Meting instant justice is a crime and police will always react to such cases and bring offenders to book,” he said.

The police said on the fateful day at around 8pm, Guarantee who resides in Budiriro, arrived at the home of his father, Elija in Kwindima village, Murewa, and could not find him.

The accused allegedly gathered from fellow villagers that his father was at the now deceased’s homestead.

On arrival at Kwindima’s home, the accused ordered his father to return home as the now-deceased fled from the scene. Guarantee allegedly gave chase and fatally struck her with a log until she collapsed.

The villagers rushed to the scene and apprehended Gopito.

Fellow villagers then rushed Kwindima to Kadenge Clinic where she was pronounced dead on arrival, leading to accused’s arrest.

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