Kanengo Police in Lilongwe are keeping in custody a 17 year old girl for giving false information that she had given birth to a baby boy when she had never been pregnant.

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The station’s deputy police spokesperson, Salomy Zgambo Chibwana said on June 25, 2018, the girl reported to Kanengo Police that she was 10 months pregnant and came to visit her uncle in area 49.

“While at her uncle, she said gave birth but her uncle’s wife took the child without her knowing what she did with the child,” said Chibwana.

The police spokesperson said the suspect (girl) vehemently lied that her aunt (wife to his uncle) gave her porridge mixed with some herbal concoction which she was forced to take.

“The girl narrated that after taking porridge; she felt weak and so was told to lie down. She said then started feeling labour pains which led to the birth of a baby boy,” Chibwana explained to this reporter.

The police PRO further said without thinking about the consequences of the lie she was telling, the accused added that the baby was never given to her but was only told it was a boy.

Chibwana said the suspect later said her aunt told her never to tell anyone about what happened but rather lie that satanic people in black attire took her baby away.

However, after investigating the matter, police learned that it was a lie. This was after pinning her and sending her to hospital for medical examination where results came out that she was never pregnant.

The suspect hails from Maganga Village in Traditional Authority Maganga in Salima District and will appear in court soon to answer the charge of giving force information which is contrary to Section 122 of the Penal Code.

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