China is increasingly giving America a run for its money as the land of the biggest and the best.
As the world’s most populous nation with the world’s second-biggest economy, the self-styled Middle Kingdom is finding new and increasingly nerve-racking ways to attract and entertain tourists.
It extends 72 meters from the edge of the cliff and already has visitors shaking in fear.
Visitors who dare venture out on the cantilevered walkway can look straight through the glass to the canyon floor some 360 meters below.
The new bridge extends 30 meters beyond the cliff edge, trumping other U-shaped wonders such as Arizona’s Grand Canyon Skywalk, which juts out a mere 21 meters (70 feet) over the epic US gorge.
China Daily is already making claims for it as the “world’s longest glass circular bridge” although that could be challenged by the viewing platform at Shilinxia
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