Poem With no Point


Poem with no point

By Pius Nyondo


Give me quinine

Not these sweet drugs that don’t kill pain

Tell me the truth

The whole truth

Nothing but the truth

Not these flatters you call criticism

Tell me the truth

Paint me black

Be free to attack

Come close and narrate

Real, heartrending stories

Tear provoking stories

Not your cheap fairy tales

Not like the one you told me the other day

Of a man you claimed was a deity

A man you alleged rose on the third day

A man you bragged was not spiritually dirty

A man you always fail to defend

Yet to him you always crave to ascend

Please spare me such worthless tales

Tell me the truth

The whole truth

Nothing but the truth

Look me in the eye

And convince me

How an ordinary created creature

Came to being without the normal reproductive system

Changed water into wine without any chemical reaction

Walked on the sea without sinking

Ascended into heaven

Whilst gravitational force watched

Please convince me

How an ordinary thirty-three year old Jew

Convinced you

That one plus one plus one

Can still equal to one

Tell me the truth

The whole truth

Nothing but the truth

How could a mere man

Die, start smelling and then rise

Friend, spare me such scrap

Tell me stories that will make me shed tears

Real tears, not crocodile tears

Stories that will confirm that I am nothing

Stories that will explain why I am still unemployed

Years and years and years after university education

Tell me stories full of the truth

The whole truth

Nothing but the truth

Stories that will explain

Why all of our politicians are liars

Why hospitals are no longer places of healing

But valleys roaming with shadows of death

Friend tell me stories


Stories that will appeal to me

Stories that will make sense to me

Stories that will explain

Why HIV/AIDS is still claiming countless lives

When everyone knows how to avoid it

Tell me

Please tell me

Why millions still smoke

When honestly they are told

That smoking is hazardous to their health

Please tell me

Why aged leaders still cling on to power

When capable juveniles are there

Please tell me

Tell me stories that will make me laugh

Stories of parliamentary chit-chats

Stories of parliamentary fist-fights

Please tell me stories

Stories that will make me fume with anger

Stories of why sixty-year old men

Rape nine-year old girls

Stories of why respectable men

Leave their lovely wives in their homes

Only to seek solace in Chigwiri night queens

Stories of how

Your so-called Mother of God got pregnant

With her virginity intact

Tell me stories

That will make me blurt out curses

On the perpetrators of all evil

On the architects of the Jewish massacre

Be frank with me

Tell me the truth

The whole truth

Nothing but the truth

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