In the smallest and finest details of affairs of life, Imam was not only particular about carrying out the compulsory acts and to shun the forbidden acts, but was just as particular about carrying out the recommended acts that are in the traditions and customs of Islam. Furthermore, between those acts that hold no reward or sin and recommended acts, he used to choose the best and most advisable act, and therefore acted on the recommended acts. On the whole it can be said his life was an incarnation of perfect Islamic lifestyle.

For example, going on the tens and hundreds of times that it occurred when we went to see him, it was necessary that we get permission to enter by knocking the door. Rather than use the word ‘Befarmaid’, Imam would say, ‘Bismillah.’ Despite the fact that ‘Befarmaid’ was agreeable and common, Imam used to say ‘Bismillah’ so that while doing dhikr of Allah, he would give permission to enter and couple the start of the meeting with the name of Allah.

It is this very Godly way and manner of Imam that led the society in the
direction of the rites and values of Islam. He spread the culture of Islam in even the most simplest of affairs.

The followers of his method chose the recitation of Takbirs and Salawats rather than clapping as a method of encouragement and confirmation,
‘Alhamdulillah’ (Praise be to Allah) rather than the foreign word ‘Merci ’ as a method of thanking, and adopted dhikr and praise of Allah andSal awa t rather than foreign acts.
–Hujjatul Islam Rahimian

Comprehensiveness of Bismillah

1) Acknowledgement of Allah as Lord and Master
2) Confession of one’s own helplessness
3) Belief in Allah as ever-living, all-knowing, almighty
4) Reliance on Allah as the Supreme Being, seeking His Pleasure and
5) Conviction in Allah’s reply of Mercy.

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