The Government of Malawi led by Dr Peter Muntharika has withdrawn a total number of 42 security officers from Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima leaving him with only seven security officers.

Chilima tasked to get personal security officers

Seven of the security officers have been assigned to man two official VP’s residences in Area 12 in Lilongwe and also the Mudi House in Blantyre and as well as his Capital Hill office.

According to a letter circulating on social media, 22 police officers have been moved from the Office of the Vice President to Police Mobile Service (PMS) A Division while 18 others have been posted to PMS C Division.

The letter notifies all the officers to report to their new duty stations as soon as they got the communication.

The Vice President’s press officer, Pilirani Phiri has also confirmed of the development.

Just yesterday, the Chief Secretary to the office of the President and cabinet, Lloyd Muhara addressed all principal secretaries and heads of department about the beneficiaries the vice president is entitled to as in accordance with the president (Salaries and Benefits) Act Cap 2:02.

“In compliance with the legal requirement, I wish to remind all the addressees that the right Hounarable Vice President should only be accorded such privileges and benefits as prescribed by Law whenever the Vice President is performing government business,” noted Muhara in the letter.

Some of the benefits include, tax free salary which should be equal to two thirds that of the president, free house in Lilongwe, free water, free electricity, free guest house in Blantyre, free medical services and physician on call among others.

Meanwhile, Chilima’s United Transformation Movement (UTM) general secretary, Patricia Kaliati says the move could be precursor to much more sinister motives.

Kaliati added saying the withdrawal of the security officers is the launch of political harassment and persecution for Chilima who is accusing the DPP government of corruption and also nepotism.




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