By Robert Kumwenda

More people have joined the Umodzi Party (UP) leader Professor John Chisi in asking the Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima to resign for being ungrateful to the same government which he saves.

Professor Chisi

One of the people who have echoed Chisi remarks is renowned and veteran politician Greenwell Mwamondwe who has asked Chilima to resign because he is contradicting himself for condemning the current leadership over corruption yet he has been in the same government for four years.

Professor John Chisi was the first person who came in the open asking Chilima to resign for trying to bring down the government which he himself is part of.

Mwamondwe who also served as Deputy Malawi ambassador to Zimbabwe said the Vice President could have stepped down earlier when he realized that there is corruption in Mutharika administration saying that what he is doing now just shows that he is power hungry.

He said it will be wrong for Chilima to use government resources when he is doing his own things yet he expects the tax payers to suffer when he is doing things not for the government.

“All those people that have joined his movement called United Transformation Movement (UTM) are children, they do not know what they are doing and they cannot win the elections,” he said.

Mwamondwe added that though they are criticizing the current administration for corruption some of the people who are in the movement are also linked to corrupt charges which have been taking place in the country for some years.

Chisi earlier said some people are just using anger to criticize government in everything just because they want to enter into government using the backdoor without following proper procedures.




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