Leader of popular group “Wodya zake alibe mlandu” Michael Usi, popularly known as “Manganya” has challenged Vice President Saulos Chilima on delivery of development projects that citizens anticipate.

Chilima and Manganya, yesterday at Njamba 

Speaking at the launch of United Transformation Movement (UTM) in Blantyre on Sunday, Usi who disclosed that he is to support Chilima ahead of 2019 elections asked Chilima not to give false hopes to Malawians.

“Sikoyamba anthu kusonkhana chonchi ndichikhulupiliro kuti ziyenda (This is not for the first time that people have gathered like this with the hope that things will work out), it’s a challenge to you, muzitha? (Are you going to manage?),” said Usi.

He further advised other UTM members not to be in support of Chilima with the expectation that they will be given positions if the vice president is elected president next year.

Usi also disclosed that UTM is to get support from donors on some of the projects that are in the movement’s manifesto.

He added that UTM must strive on ensuring economic empowerment to Malawians.

The wrangles were caused by some members of the DPP who wanted President Peter Mutharika to pave way for Chilima to be the DPP presidential in next year’s elections.

UTM is a political group which was formed after internal shakeups in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)

After Mutharika refused, the DPP members left and formed the movement.

Source: Malawi24

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