By Gifiti Constantine Succuzbucket Kaputolo

I have seen the devil

despite that black veil

acting as a disguise but to no avail

i will take my time and reveal

your wicked ways and where you dwell

I have seen the devil in the eyes,

of that pretty woman,

yes,he lives behind those flushing eyelids

He dwells behind that oversize behind

Beneath the skin of those smooth thighs,

behind those lips,you will find him

I have seen the devil in the hands,

of that intelligent teacher,

yes, he lives behind his books,

as he displays his theoretical intellect

he, practically clutches those turgid breasts,

promising her a bright future,

behind those chalk bathed face,u will see him


i have seen Jabulosi in the words

of that self-acclaimed great prophet

yes, he hides behind the bible

as he preaches what he doesn’t practice

as he performs miracles

just 2 awe and amaze

poor, helpless souls

Lord have mercy!!!!!!

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