US rapper NewAge Jerkboy is buzzing all over social media – for his music, his style, and his antics. His latest antic may be this most dangerous.

According to folks in the rappers camp, the rapper wanted to include a scene where he overdoses in his new video.

So NewAge Jerkboy decided to take 20 OXY pills – and actually OVERDOSE ON CAMERA so that the video can look REAL. He then posted pics and videos of himself overdosing all over social media.

As you can imagine, the rapper is trending worldwide.

Jerkboy gained attention last year with the release of his “Married to the Game” music video where he wore a wedding dress. After getting into an online beef with NBA YoungBoy, things have been quiet for NewAge Jerkboy until today.

The rapper’s manager took to Instagram to reveal that NewAge Jerkboy overdosed and is recovering in the hospital.

The video made it seem like Jerkboy wasn’t in the best of health, as his manager told fans that he hopes the rapper pulls through after getting his stomach pumped. He added that the rapper had been depressed for some time and that those around him have been trying to get him off of drugs.

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