Police in Limbe have confiscated two pistols belonging to two Asians used to shoot in the air following a disagreement between them and minibus passengers after an accident.

Police officials in the commercial capital Blantyre have confirmed of the incident in a statement made available to faceofmalawi.

According to the police report, the incident happened on Wednesday along Churchill street near Madinna Mosque, Limbe.

“Shooting incident. Occurred on 29/08/18 at about 18:30 hrs along Churchill street near Madinna Mosque, Limbe. Facts: Sattar Zen, aged 31, Asian of Malawian origin, c/o P.O. Box 5369, Limbe was driving a saloon car with one passenger on board.

“Upon arrival at the said place, he intended to overtake a Minibus through the left side and in the process they collided resulting in damages road accident. A quarrel ensued between the two Asians and the Minibus passengers blaming the Asians of careless driving,” reads in part the report.

Added the report: “The Asians got angry and they both produced pistols and fired several shots in the air. Police arrived at the scene and confiscated the pistols.”

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