Evance Chimwala, commonly known as EvanzMuzik’ in the Malawi Music Scene is an artist who delivers his unique art form of story-telling through various genres of music.

Born on the 5th July 1993, Evanzmuzik ventured music in the late months of 2011, then releasing his first Mixtape titled College Influence|1st Year in 2012. The mixtape emulated the chronicles of a freshman in university after he enrolled into the Catholic University of Malawi .

Evanzmuzik gained a lot of recognition from listeners and various critics with his “Dear Mahopu Series” and two years later received the Award of the “Most Skillful Artist” in Project April 2014.

His music has enjoyed massive downloads on local websites and gained countless air plays from popular Radio and Tv programs such as; Born and Bred, Mad Show, Gowero Beats, Youth Roots & Culture, and Touching Base.

EvanzMuzik is a big fan of soul hiphop, conscious reggae and acoustic music, and besides being a recording artist, he has also produced some of his popular songs such as; Bae and Dear Mahopu III.

Below is the piece of writing he wrote about Trap Music here in Malawi.

“I’m open about my hatred towards trap music. Ndipo amwene I hate it. Not only because of the mumbling that we usually hear as song lyrics, zimene zija bola, zimabhebhaso pena, but because it’s inspiring ana abwino bwino to live a fake life just to trend on social media.

Inetu chabwino ndine otsalira chifukwatu nde osanama trap ili paliponse. And everyday artists and producers are sharpening their trap art osanama, ma hit songs nde tikuwamva.

And we can actually find a replica of almost all trap artists and Producers in the USA here in Malawi. And clever ones are even fusing trap with some local vibe (kusampula) just to have some sort of wider appeal. And zikumathekadi ndithu; we are hearing ma 808s muma old songs a achina Patrick Tung’ande ndi Cos Chiwalo. Lol.

To lead in the trap music arena you simply have to be crazy (literally), you have to be popping pills and syrups that most of our public hospitals are probably lacking, you have to have atleast a tattoo or piercings on your body, tint your hair or have locks and still tint them anyway, kuchititsa manyazi ma rasta), adopt a weird dressing (of big shoes and tight ripped pants and beach shirts, lol) , Eish ine ayi bolaso nthawi ya pasada ija”

What are your views Trappers??

You can download Evanzmuzik Dear Mahope Here

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