Gwamba, Martse Beef Each Other on Twitter

Forget about Third Eye and Gwamba’s twitter beef. There’s new beef trending between Martse and Gwamba who were once buddies during the times of Zimuvuta and other hits. Earlier today, twitter was on fire as Gwamba took shots aiming at Martse – recalling how he funded Martse’s three videos and how Martse begged Gwamba a phone worth K80,000. “Boy, I have sponsored 3 of your music videos, never...

Dear Mahope Hit Maker Fires Shots to Trap Music Artists and Producers

Evance Chimwala, commonly known as EvanzMuzik’ in the Malawi Music Scene is an artist who delivers his unique art form of story-telling through various genres of music. Born on the 5th July 1993, Evanzmuzik ventured music in the late months of 2011, then releasing his first Mixtape titled College Influence|1st Year in 2012. The mixtape emulated the chronicles of a freshman in university after he...


Recently, Fredokiss has been posting pictures on his Facebook page with captions including phrases like " Ada Okopela Aja Asowa Bwanji". As far as Malawi hip hop is concerned, the two remain to be rivals from way back. A decade ago, Fredokiss as a teenager was involved in a thread of dissing Tay Grin with other artists such as JB. The gap between the two artists...


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