The Ugandan legislator Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine, recently revealed that he is willing to die in the attempt to gain freedom for Uganda. Despite all the torture he has been through, he will be going back home to Uganda.

In an interview with the National Public Radio, Bobi Wine also said he was happy to be alive and for that reason his spirits are high, not withstanding the pain he is in.

“Yes, I am going to go back to Uganda. I don’t have another home; Uganda is my home. That is where I was born and that is where I will be buried. If my life is the sacrifice that has to be taken for the redemption of our country, so be it.”

The pop star said that he was humbled by the fact that his torture at the hands of the state has attracted the eyes of the world but says there are hundreds if not thousands of people whose torture will never be known. His fight is to ensure that, while he can, he speaks out against the evils being perpetuated against ordinary people by the Museveni regime.

Before he was Bobi Wine, the musician was known as Robert Kyagulanyi. He grew up in the slums of Uganda, raised by a single mother, but turned to music as a way out of grinding poverty.
His upbeat dancehall music style and catchy lyrics dominated airwaves and clubs across East Africa from the early 2000s.
Singing frequently in his native Luganda, the songs contained strong messages, often railing against social injustice in the country.
He called on the citizenry to “rise up and raise their voices” to challenge oppression.
“Don’t shy away from working for Uganda, because it is your own country, even if your boss was not your choice. Just play your part, because this is your country,” he sang in one of his hits, “Situka.
With such politically conscious lyrics, a career in politics was, perhaps, inevitable.
In 2017, he stood for Parliament as an independent, campaigning on the catchphrase: “Since Parliament has failed to come to the ghetto, then we shall bring the ghetto to Parliament.”


Source : Africa Identity


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