Gospel musician, Stevie Wazisomo Muliya has released new single called Moto after 5years of being silent in music cycle.

Muliya who has attributed his silence to academic pressure revealed that he had to concentrate much on his degree program with University of Malawi (Polytechnic) among others.

“Indeed I took almost 5 years of a break before I came out of with something in as far as music is concerned. Of course there are a number of contributing factors. The first one being school. I have been doing my degree program with University of Malawi , the polytechnic. As you are aware that school requires concentration interms of assignments as well as coursework.

“But apart from that I also needed to take my time to listen to the Lord as to what kind of message should I bring through my songs” he said.

He added that Moto is a song that explains how dangerous the children of God are. It also previews that the enemy or any weakedness has no authority or power to tamper around with the children of God.

“Moto, which means fire, is a symbol of light, authority, protection from danger as well as victory, so this song just opens the eyes of the children of God to realise that they are so dangerous and that its time they should not allow any evil to take authority over their lives.

“In Psalms 104v4, the bible tells us that our God is the consuming fire and that He also surrounds us with the same fire. It also says hee had made us to be that fire. So that’s the content of the song” He disclosed

The song which has been produced by Classic records by Madela features kids on the chorus, making it to have the feel for almost very one in as far as target audience of Muliya’s songs is concerned. He seems to maintain his touch of blending local elements with house (South African touch), making it danceable

He explained; ” I have tried as much as possible to find a producer that hasn’t diluted or diverted my music style. You can see that the song has a danceable beat but with powerful message, that is what makes my music Unique. All the lyrics are extracted from the Bible too, making it pure gospel”.

Wazisomo who is also known as Mr Grace has been seen on stage as one of the most active and live act, the situation that has made the gospel music lovers naming him as the stage Wizard (Stage Wizie).

He said his album will be out by the end of this year.

“My fans should expect this album by December and am planning to feature Saxes, Shammar Vocals and Ethel Kamwendo. It will be one of the best albums” he said

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