By orchestra Kamanga

One of the leading producers and Distributors of Natural herbs like Tchaka Detoxly econoplus, zwide has opened Centre for Natural Remedies and Palliative Care in Blantyre opposite MTL Shop.

The newly established Centre which is near Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital in Red Cross campus Offers services like interpretation of Brain Diagnosis Display and Counseling also provide treatment of cough, Flue, Asthma, Ulcers, Hypertation, Warts, Impotence , Infertility, Arthritis, eye sights just to mention but a few.

The Founders and Managing Director Elder Babangoni Chisale said he thought of opening the Centre to help Malawians with Natural herbal medicines.

“We are operating clinics on Fridays and Sundays and we decided to include these Centre to help Malawians,” he said.

Chisale also said that there is overwhelming response from customers across the country which encouraged him to open some branches in Nchalo, Mwanza in the South, Akulaje Inn in Lilongwe behind Gamestores and in Mzuzu the branch is at St John of God near Namizu Tavern.

“Our herbals are efficacy and safety with no side effect while others have side effects,” he said.

He also said Tchaka detoxly econoplus boost immune response less than 48 hours and promote cell coordination and contains glucose.

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