When one is in love, there are very simple things which don’t cost much they do to show that they actually do love someone; while men have a way of showing love, women also have simple ways they show love.

A lot of women have their own ways of showing love, but there are certain things which are very simple women do when they are in love.

Shawn has written on 4 simple ways men show love, but I’d share 7 simple ways women show love.


When a woman is in love, one thing she always want to do is spend time with her man; sometimes it just seems like she can’t get enough of him, as almost every spare time she has is almost always dedicated to him. Whereas once she stops loving him, she would deem her time too precious to spend with him. Spending time with their man is a very simple way women show their man love.


A woman who loves her man knows she has to be there for him at all times, and there are many ways women show this support; she listens to you, she takes your issues just as she takes hers, she’s genuinely happy for your progress, she advises you.


A lot of the times, women compromise just to make their relationship work — that’s a woman who loves her man. A relationship cannot work if partners don’t compromise, and a woman shows love by simply making compromise.


Men aren’t good with dates and events, but not a woman who loves her man. Most of the times a lot of men forget anniversaries, their lady’s birthday and a whole lot of other important dates, but a woman simply shows love by keeping tabs on every important date and occasion, and she always try to remember and give her man a good treat on his birthday — most women show their love on their partner’s birthday.


Women also show their love by making their man feel good and adored; if she praises you for something or makes you feel good about something then that’s her telling you she loves you in a simple and indirect way.


If a woman doesn’t value her man, she wouldn’t see him as important enough to her to seek his opinion or advice over something. But when a man is important to her, she seeks his counsel. She might not even know this but it shows her love in a very simple way.


This is also where the measure of a woman’s love can be tested; women that are appreciative of their man are really the ones who love their man; same cannot be said of women who rarely appreciate their man no matter what he does. Women show love and respect to their man by being appreciative of him.

Love isn’t like a spirit that its existence isn’t felt or seen; it can actually be felt if it exists…and these are simple ways women make if felt when they love their man — knowingly or unknowingly.

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