Sleeping positions do say a lot about our health. What is your preferred position? We cannot deny that our nightly posture can make an impact on our health and how we feel.

Some of the sleeping postures may be harmful. If so, new sleeping patterns should be considered.

1. The Fetal Position

It is said that the fetal position is the most common sleeping posture. Around 40% of people claim that they find it most comfortable.

The bad news is that this position is unhealthiest. It causes backaches and does harm to joints. Experts warn that it can affect your neck and shoulders.

During the night they should be aligned. If you cannot stop sleeping in the fetus position, doctors recommend you should put a pillow between the knees. In this wy you’ll alleviate stress on your joints.

2. On Your Back

You might have noticed that those who prefer to sleep on their back usually snore at night. At the same time, this posture is the least harmful of all.

It is good if you have back problems. It will also resolve neck issues. We sometimes wonder why we feel pain in the back on neck without even realizing that the key reason could be our sleeping position.

Sleep on your back if you want to look younger for longer. This position causes fewer fine lines and wrinkles since there is no pressing on your face. Moreover, this posture allows you to keep the breasts supported, which prevents sagging.

3. Left Side

The left side position is sometimes called the ‘log’. Not only does it reduce acid reflux, it can also prevent neck and back pains.

There’s a disadvantage, though – it is not the best posture for the breasts. The breasts are not supported which leads to sagging. Since the left side posture stimulates blood flow to the uterus, it is great for pregnant women.

4. Right Side

The right side posture may lead to heartburn. On the other hand, this position is similar to the left one – they both are good for people suffering from back or neck issues.

And, of course, this position causes sagging breasts and wrinkles. Gravity sucks!

5. On Your Stomach

It is said that there is nothing as bad as sleeping on your stomach. This position causes plenty of health problems and should be avoided. If this is your preferred posture, do not be surprised if you find out that something is wrong with your spine.

During the night you put too much pressure on the joints and muscles. As a result, you may feel numbness and pain. Sleeping on your stomach, you keep your neck in a rotated stance for too long.

If this is done regularly, then you will have bad circulation and difficulties in breathing. The only good thing about sleeping on your belly is that you are unlikely to snore at night and disturb your partner.


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