By Gilbert Mphatso Moyo


Let’s start with a rap line I wrote:

My relationship the opposite of Easter/ started on a Friday died on a Sunday/

If you don’t get it, get schooled on rap. If you do, I’m not looking for sympathy nor am I looking to paint someone as evil. For the record she (don’t ask) gave me permission to use the lines.

So what’s the point I’m making?

The message is simple if a girl is in a relationship don’t go after her. Why? Because I tried it and it backfired.

A wise friend told me this once: “If you snatch someone’s girl, the relationship will start with damage control and that’s not a healthy way to start a relationship.”

Well your guess is as good as mine, I didn’t listen and zinandionekera. So I learned from experience and now I go by two rules when it comes to ladies:

1. If she’s taken I am not going after her. Forget mpira nkumaka. It is better to be called a Swazi than nurse a broken heart.

2. This one is a secret.

Nde winawe ufuna ulande. Zako izo.

P.S: You’re not her saviour. Stop trying to play hero.

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