Police in Mulanje have arrested a 19 – year – old mother for allegedly killing her new born baby.

The suspect, Bertha Mongola is alleged to have been in a sexual relationship with a teacher based at a certain school within the area.

After some month of their relationship the lady became pregnant and tried to abort, but that did not work.

Recently, time clocked for Mongola to give birth, she went into her house alone and gave birth to a baby girl.

However, instead of telling relatives about ‘the good news,’ Mongola killed the new born by pulling the umbilical cord and left it right in the house.

When some relatives noticed her condition, they confronted her until she revealed her inhumane action.

The people then reported the issue to a Community Child Protection Worker in the area, Merry Mailosi before reporting the issue at Namphungo police unit.

Following the report, police visited scene of the crime where they ordered burial of the dead body.

The men in uniform later arrested Mongola who is currently in custody as further investigations continue.

She comes from Tchavi village traditional authority Juma in the district.

Meanwhile police would like to strongly condemn the development as it impinges on the right to life.

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