Police in Karonga district have done a recommendable job by rescuing a local fisherman who was near to his death.

The fisherman has been identified as 42-year-old William Kasambala who met the fate yesterday, 13th November as he went into the deep waters of Malawi at Chilumba area.

Reports claim that the fisherman went to Lake Malawi for fishing and in the process; the lake started experiencing Mwera winds. In fear, the fisherman withdrew his mobile phone and informed his friend about the news who also swiftly reported to Chilumba police station.

Police with assistance from Chilumba Navy marine (MDF) officers rushed to the deep waters of the lake where they found the victim’s cannoe capzised and him swimming but he looked very tired that he could no longer continue swimming by himself.

Police managed to rescue him and took him to the shores of Chilumba jity.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that he is now in good condition after being rushed to Chilumba rural hospital.

Kasambala comes from Gumbo village, T/A Wasambo in Karonga

Below are the pictures right after he was rescued

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