A 5-year-old Russian boy has been gifted a white Mercedes Benz for doing 4, 105 push-ups in a space of two hours.

Rakhim Kurayev who has been dubbed the ‘Chechen Schwarzenegger’, was given the vehicle by Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Chechen Republic which is a federal subject of Russia.

The boy is said to be at kindergarten and will be repeating the exercise in a world record attempt.

“Let your father drive you around on this, you’re worthy of riding a white Mercedes,” said Kadyrov as he was handing over the car keys to the boy.

Shortly after, Rakhim was spotted posing in the driver’s seat of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class vehicle without license plates.

Though it is unclear if taxpayers had paid for the £28,000 vehicle or if it came from Kadyrov’s personal wealth, however it was gathered that the boy had boasted to president Putin loyalist Kadyrov that he could do more than 5,000 press-ups at one go.

“The boy did the impossible,” said Kadyrov.

“We agreed to meet at a fitness centre and have a workout together.”

On the car gift, he said: “From now on his father will be able to drive the boy to workouts without hiring a taxi.”

It was however gathered that the 4,105 non-stop press-ups, beats the world record but was not registered in Russia because officials were not satisfied with the quality of the video recording of his feat.

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