I’ve heard a lot of people say ‘love is everything’, but when it comes to relationships, is love really everything? Is love enough for the relationship to be successful?

Many relationships fail on a regular basis, not because there is a lack of love, but because the relationship lacks other important factors that are necessary for its growth and success.

These are some other things you need in your relationship besides love


If you love your partner but you cannot trust him / her, or you and your partner don’t trust each other enough then that relationship has already been built on the wrong foundation and it might not last. You need trust for your relationship to be successful, and for trust to exist, both partners ought to be trustworthy.


Commitment is also another ingredient that’s highly important. Both partners ought to be committed to the relationship and together they have to put in daily efforts and long-term efforts to make the relationship a success. When you aren’t committed to your relationship then that relationship is bound to fail, no matter the love present.


Being unforgiving would never help your relationship; we all err, we all make mistakes — no one is perfect, so forgiveness is an important part of the relationship. When you keep grudges against your partner, you hold the relationship to ransom. Couples who are in love with each other should also be ready to forgive each other; else the relationship would suffer for it.


Patience is also needed in a relationship. You didn’t marry a perfect partner, so you need patience to build the relationship. You have to be patient with your partner to overcome a bad habit, and with patience, it would be easier to build understanding in your relationship. When you lack patience with each other, then love might not be enough.


It’s a lack of understanding, not a lack of love that makes couples fight and quarrel every day. I’ve seen couples who love each other but don’t understand each other, and for that, they have a row too often. Love is important, but so is understanding.


Truth be told, love dies. se you both love each other and that’s okay, you are wrong. Love is like a plant that ought to be watered; water it and it would grow, leave it unattended and it would die. Togetherness is an important spice that’s needed for love to grow.


Communication is also very important for a relationship to succeed. Couples should know how to talk and listen to each other. Communication would foster love and would also help build understanding between both partners.


Compromise is also a necessary ingredient for love to blossom. Compromise would help couples work it out together through the tough times. We all have weaknesses, and it’s compromise that would help strengthen the relationship in spite of the weakness. Also, with compromise, it would be easier for couples to make difficult decisions and reach agreement at difficult times


I mentioned forgiveness earlier, but it’s hard to forgive when the erring partner isn’t even asking for forgiveness. Couples should learn to apologise to each other when wrong; with this, issues wouldn’t escalate.

Also, it’s very important that couples appreciate each other for what they do for each other. Appreciation is highly important; appreciating your partner would make them feel valued.

These nine things are highly important, and without them, love might just suffer.

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