By Robert Kumweda

The Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU) has asked employees in the country to join labour unions in the country so as to make sure that their labor rights are not violated.

President for MCTU Luther Mambala said there are more benefits for workers if they join labour unions such as MCTU because they negotiate benefits, salaries and pension just to mention a few.

“Most employees are not aware of this that is the reason why more employees are suffering. Whenever the issue goes to court we follow it to make sure that justice should prevail at the end of everything,” he said.

Mambala said most employers does not want their employees to form labour unions nor join them because of the fear of unknown saying that MCTU also help the management of company in the sense that for example if there are drinkers and high absentees the union sit down with such employees to make sure there is sanity at the end of the day.

“We provide training to the workers in the area of human rights, labor laws just to mention a few to make sure that they know about their rights,” he said.

The MCTU President said they believe in industrial peace because they believe in contact and dialogue saying that strike should be the last resort because it brings back development.

He said there are some employees who deliberately does not want to belong to the union but they still assist them.

“We are asking more employees to come and join the union because currently the membership is low, this is very important because the union will become strong but they should also know that it is there right to join the union because we do not force people to join us,” he said.

Mambala further said that they act as a bridge between employees and employers to make sure that justice prevail at the end of the day.

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