Former Cape Town mayor Patricia De Lille has announced the name of her new political party is called “Good”.

De Lille says it’s a party for all South Africans across the country and will contest next year’s elections.

She made the announcement in Houghton Estate in Johannesburg earlier on Sunday.

De Lille says it’s time for Good.

“This movement, the good movement, is about the country that we all love. The future of this movement and of our country lies in the hands of a diverse group of young and experienced people like some of them that have joined me here today.”

The former Democratic Alliance (DA) member says the name is a call to all South Africans to do good.

Following her controversial departure from the DA, De Lille says the current status quo cannot remain.

“You see in other political parties they are recycling the same old politicians all the time because the only reason why they sit in Parliament they want to be there for 15 years and get pension. And so they become dead wood.”

She says her Good party will contest next year’s elections in all nine provinces.

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