A 33-year-old South African man has come out in open to share his problem which he says women run away from him over the reason that his manhood does not ejaculate.

Lwandle Khumalo

Lwandle Khumalo who resides in Tjovitso, south of joburg told DailySun that at first it was fun for him that he was lasting long when sleeping with a woman for the fact that he was not ejaculating but after six years, the issue became beyond a joke to the extent that his girlfriend even dumped him.

“At first women were happy when they realised I could not stop or ejaculate,” said Lwandle. “Now girls are running away from me. How do I stop without ejaculating?”

Lwandle told DailySun he was once called a two-minute noodle because he ejaculated early, but that has changed and now he can’t stop. Lwandle consulted a doctor who told him he had no problem and that he needed to start eating healthy and try again.

Lwandle said he stopped drinking alcohol and started eating healthy, but nothing changed.

“I realised then that my 4-5 had been cursed,” said Lwandle. He started consulting witch-doctors, who confirmed he had been cursed. Lwandle said that the witch-doctor made him steam with muthi.

“I had high hopes, but there was no progress,” said Lwandle, who added that he was also concerned about having kids.

“I don’t want to die without having kids. I need to build the Khumalo family,” said Lwandle.

The local news publisher, DailySun spoke to witch-doctor Joseph Dungamanzi, who said Lwandle had been cursed but it could be fixed. “Lwandle can come visit me and I will help him. There are witch-doctors who are chancers, but things will work out,” said Joseph.

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