First Grade Magistrate Court in Chikwawa has sentenced a traditional circumciser to 30 months in prison after he inflicted severe burns of one of its initiates.

Chikwawa Police Station public relations officer, Constable Foster Benjamin has identified the convict as Yohane White aged 20.

According to Benjamin, White was found guilty of act intended to cause grievous harm alongside his two other former initiates identified as Gift Namacha and Austin Robert  who are both aged 23 and have since been handed each a K65,000 fine.

“The three were convicted for burning the leg of a 12-year-old boy whom they accused of revealing secrets of the Jando ( initiation camp),” said Benjamin.

The court, through State Prosecutor Sub Inspector Danford Otala, heard that the victim, in July this year, at Mikanzo village in Traditional Authority Maseya’s area, went into the camp to undergo the rite of passage, and graduated end August.

“The boy assembled his peers, mostly the uninitiated ones, and narrated to them the goings-on of the simba.

“Yohane White immediately instructed his former initiates, Namacha and Robert, to grab and bring the boy to the simba for a ‘lesson’,”explained Prosecutor Otala in court.

The convicts swung the victim over the camp fire, rendering him burnt on the left leg.

He was taken to the hospital where he was admitted for two weeks.

Appearing in court, the three denied any wrongdoing, prompting the state to parade three witnesses.

The state prayed for stiffer penalties arguing the victim had suffered greatly and had been traumatized.

First Grade Magistrate Gladstone Chirundu, in his ruling, concurred with the state and handed out a 30-month jail sentence on the first convict, White, before imposing fines on the other convicts.

White comes from Banduweki Village while Namacha and Robert hail from Mikanzo village in Traditional Authority Maseya in Chikwawa District.

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