Internet world has yet again been shocked with a viral video in which a young lady is seen playing around with an aged man in a manner that is not acceptable in African culture.

According to reports flooding on internet, the man in the video is identified as a 60-year-old Mainga Mwaanga from Zambia and his girlfriend who is said to be aged only 21.

In the video, the two are seen in a living room couch as the lady is singing and gyrating to a song while showing off her tattoo that stretches to her privates.

However, it is reported by Zambian local news outlets that this is not the first time for the aged man to have been seen playing around in such a way with a lady young enough to be called his daughter.

It is also reported that Mwaanga is married and has children older than his 21-year-old girlfriend seen in the video.

Below is the video

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