A 32-year-old man, who was mentally disturbed, has committed suicide after taking termik poison in Chikwawa District.

The man, Pamawa Diloni, poisoned himself on Wednesday in apparent move to escape his suffering.

The incident took place at Diloni Village in the area of Traditional Authority Ndakwera in the district.

Diloni, who was psychiatric and polygamous, is said to have been telling people that that he would kill himself one day to escape hardships.

On the fateful day, the deceased locked himself in his first wife’s house and consumed large quantities of rat poison.

The wife was out at the time.

Diloni was later found dead with an inflated belly and was immediately taken to Ndakwera Health Centre.

An autopsy on Diloni’s body showed that he had succumbed to poisoning.

Meanwhile, police in the district have urged those undergoing depression or family problems not to contemplate committing suicide.

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