The Indigenous Businesses Association of Malawi (IBAM) has expressed worry over the increased number of jobless graduates in the country.

IBAM President, Mike Mlombwa said that something needs to be done to control the situation.

                                                   People looking for Jobs

More than 4,500 graduates are coming out of the colleges every year with less than 500 are getting jobs annually.

Malawi Government introduced internship programme for the youth to work in areas of agriculture, information and communication technology, manufacturing and small scale mining in order for them to gain practical experience.

The Government planned to create job opportunities for 17,000 youth in the next two and a half years, hence the introduction of internship programme. The interns are being attached to companies, institutions and organisations for a period of 6 and 12 months.

Commenting on business environment in 2018, Mlombwa said the year promised a lot but delivered a little.

He said indeginous businesses were upbeat at the start of 2018 as a number of elements appeared to be in their favour

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