They say infidelity does not come from lack of love rather it comes from lack of respect . However, a young lady has taken to social media to disgrace a married man who slept with her.

The young lady who exposed the infidelity side of married man by sharing their after sex photos, is currently trending online.

Though why the lady shared photos of the man who was sleeping quite close to her after sex is not known, however most social media users feel that the lady took to brazen step of exposing the man to garner attention online.

Now different questions have been asked about the man, his wife and the lady that exposed him.

However, reacting to the after sex photos shared, a Facebook user Christina wrote, “Why would a lady sleep with a married man and even go ahead to post the pictures, she should be ashamed of herself.”

Another social media user Stella Madu wrote, “The man just got served, can’t wait for his wife’s reaction after this.”

What is your comment on this???

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