By Kalawe

Lions have it hard surviving in the wild, of every 10 new baby lions only two will make it to adulthood, the rest will be killed.

At age two the male lions reach mating age and their father chases them away. By this time they are not as strong and not good hunters and can’t be welcomed in any pride.

As they wander they meet others in equal fate and form bachelors pride. They survive a year together and at age three two of them form a coalition and kill a male lion(which is also head) of a pride and together take over leadership of the pride. No single baby lion tries to take down a fully grown male lion alone.

Elections decisions are not experimentable. A miss and you need another five years to get another chance, such a long time and by it’s expiry your political career expires with it.

The current leadership is failing because of greedy. MCP and UTM failed to agree because of greedy. If the two can’t move beyond greedy then we will be changing governments without changing the happenings in the government.

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