DEDZA – Kabaza operators have matched in Dedza district due to the rise of their monthly tax to the council.

Those with bicycles were paying K3000 a month and are now required to pay K8000 while motorcycle operators were paying K10000 and are now forced to pay K15000.

“Dedza council is full of shameless corrupt thieves someone at the accounts takes millions of kwachas in the name of DPP saying this is going to the minister and the party. No one questions him for everyone fears for his job. Selling land like nobody’s business. Most senior position are held by people that have nothing to do with us as people of Dedza” One of Kabaza operator said during demonstrations.

Chiefs led by TA Kasumbu and TA Kamenyagwaza are also planning to march over the missing K19 million CDF funds.

The district is hoping that the new District Commissioner will do something different. Funds are being diverted without informing beneficiaries.

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