The Malawi Congress Party President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has told the state president of Malawi, Peter Mutharika to just do his job on the ongoing killings of the people living with albinism as he is sure that there are existing markets for the body parts of such people hence the continued abductions and killings.

Dr. Chakwera made these remarks today at Crossroads hotel where he addressed a press briefing in solidarity with those Malawians living with albinism.

In his briefing, Dr. Chakwera said his government that is coming on 21st May this year will deal with the situation in only a month after being ushered into power. Dr. Chakwera wondered why the state president remains silent yet these people keep on facing the abductions and killings day by day.

He has since promised to provide security features on the bodies of these people living with albinism to ensure their protection and security.

Without pre – empting how and where he will get these features, Dr. Chakwera kept emphasising with confidence on doing it. He then refuted of doing the briefing to gain political millage.

He has since promised good houses with security gadgets for the people living with albinism to make sure they are fully protected and a special package that they will be receiving to take care of themselves.

To those involved in the malpractice, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has warned in strongest terms that they will be smoked out with their markets exposed until a law takes its course.

Source : Malawi News Hub

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