Senior Pastor of Champions Royal Assembly in Nigeria, Joshua Iginla, on Sunday told his church members that his wife and him have been having sex outside marriage with other people despite being in marriage for close to 20 years.

On Sunday, the well known prophet told his congregants that 5 years ago his wife had sex with a church member who ended up impregnating her.

Because he did not want people to laugh at them as a couple, he covered up the adultery case of his wife.

In revenge, last year the pastor also decided to have sex with one of his church members and impregnated her.

But what shocked him is that his wife was angered forgetting that she also did the same five years ago.

It is reported that the two are now filing for a divorce.

The cases of prophets impregnating church girls is not new in Pentecostal churches as many other prophets have been involved in these issues.

But what is new is a prophet’s wife being impregnated by an ordinary church member.

More to follow…

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