The Daily Sun Newspaper has apologized to prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church for false allegations.

The paper has been publishing stories accusing Bushiri and the church of sex scandals.

The South African Newspaper has issued the apology using its front page saying the edition has withdrawn from the allegations without conditions.

Bushiri filed a complaint against the paper for continued bad and false allegations against him and the church.

The apology came in following a ruling by the South Africa’s Press Ombudsman Johane Ratief.

In his ruling, Ratief said the paper has done much harm to Bushiri’s reputation, the church, and its leadership.

“We unconditionally apologize to prophet Bushiri, the ECG and the church’s leadership for publishing allegations. We unreservedly withdraw those statements that were published,” Daily Sun wrote.

This is not the first time South African media apologizing to Bushiri.

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