Malawi Electoral Commissioners (MEC) have challenged President Peter Mutharika to bring evidence on his rigging claims.

At a political rally in Ntchisi Mutharika made the claims saying one politician whom he did not mention a name has hired rigging experts from Nigeria and Russia.

Mutharika further added that he knows where the so-called rigging experts are staying and where they have placed the rigging machine they brought in.

To her Commissioner Mary Nkosi, said the president would have followed proper procedures if he has evidence unlike making such serious allegations.

“The president is one of the stakeholders in the elections, he would have followed proper procedures. If he has evidence let him report to the police,” Nkosi said.

She further added that such kind allegations can cause voter apathy.

Commissioner Jean Namathanga has assured Malawians that no one will rig the elections saying the system that MEC has adopted is transparent at every stage.

“The electorate should be assured that there will be no rigging. The systems we have adopted now is very transparent at every stage. We don’t see any chance for anyone to rig,” Namathanga said.

Mutharika has been saying these claims in most of his political rallies as the country is drawing closer to the second tripartite elections on May 21. Pw���eT

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