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As one way of providing an opportunity to Malawians to access entertainment activities, Mac Donald Soko  has opened “20 four 7” Centre which is located along Chileka Kameza Round about near Chileka stage.

McDonald Soko

Speaking in an interview, the Founder and Managing Director Mac Donald Soko said the entertainment Centre is a better place to enjoy because it provides a Bar, it hosts different events such as Weddings, Engagements, Meetings , par functions and restaurants which provide both local and international foods like Chambo, Nsima, local chicken, chisoso, chips all at reasonable prices so that customers can afford to buy.

“At 20 four 7 we have highly qualified employees from Malawi Institute of Tourism (MIT) and they are very polite and dedicated to serve customers. We have large parking area with maximum security,” said Soko.

The Centre also provides braai, boiled chicken, sea foods to customers with international standards.

“We host a lot of artists both local and international like Orga family, Lucius Banda and Zembani Band, Billy Kaunda, Black Missionaries, Aleluya Band plus we also hosted late Bob Marley’s memorial show: just to mention but a few.

For artists who prefer to conduct their shows there, Soko said they do not get charged as it is part of promoting the place.

For weddings and engagements, the price is K100,000 while food ranges from K1,000 to K2,500. Plans are underway to provide  accommodation for visitors spending nights there.

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